Tuesday, 26 January 2010

an early valentine

The days are running and passing and the time to look my boo in the eyes and say goodbye is drawing ever nearer. It's scary. I'm gonna miss him like crazy. This saturday was our early valentines. Spent Go Karting in Edmonton after a false start that nearly led to us ending up in Camberly.

The evening ended with a night in the OXO tower, were my grubby nails and dreadlocking hair stood out amongst the manicured, coiffieured, shiney presentation of all the other women in there. But I figured our money was just as good as theirs, though I did make him check his wallet to ensure his credit card was really there, before we ordered our £32 steaks, that whilst lovely was finished in appx 8 small mouth fulls, with lots of chewing done to make it last longer.

Added this post, to see if uploading pictures straight from Picassa works.it does
and..chart the final few moments, before I embark on the journey of a life time and my dreams

Good night
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